Nic Shots

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Nic Shots for your shortfills.


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Nicotine shots are unflavoured and have been designed to add to shortfills. These small 10ml nicotine bottles containing highly concentrated nicotine have become known as ‘nicotine shots’, and the market has adapted to now recognise this method as the norm. Doing so will increase the nicotine content and total volume of your e-liquid. For example, adding a 10ml 18mg booster to a 50ml shortfill, will create 60ml of 3mg eliquid.

As with e-liquids, the two ingredients, other than nicotine are, vegetable glycerin and propanol glycol, typically in a 70:30 ratio however, some nic shots can be supplied as different ratios.

Most shortfills are supplied in larger containers than the actual volume of liquid, this then allows what has become known as ‘shake room’, allowing you to mix the 2 liquids together.



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